I’ll rip myself apart


where’s the Elizabeth/Daisy at, man??? ?

Like they both go through some tough character development shit. First they are optimistic and love life, and then fucking hate what changed them. And I’m thinking if there was an AU where Daisy could help Elizabeth and she could help Daisy. Then it ends up in a cute lady romance while they both are kicking ass. But since there is a lack of this cute ship, I am disappointed….

fuck Jack’s hand

he probably jacked off and that is why it’s so fuckin hard

to draw it.

It’s taking me months to finish this for some reason? Anyways this is the cover of the first chapter of my story so far. I will just post this incase I don’t even finish this.

On the left is the protagonist, Nadira and on the right is secondary character, Fürtik.

Jumping on the human/demon bandwagon here!! And instead have girlfriends meeting for the first time!

Daliah complimenting Lilith and then Lilith blushing so hard she burst into blames and responded with “Thank you” (If you guys couldn’t read it.)

I am trying to improve because I did notice that I was on a roll on improvement in around grade 9 and grade 10 and then now it’s like I stopped for some reason. Even though I have a long way to go, I’ll continue! !


Are fucking horrible

why do they even exist?????????

hey JACK ass

Who am I kidding??

More like poor sweetheart Jack!!!

Patience Gibbs needs more love!!