Patience Gibbs needs more love!!

man…. i’ve gotta wait for it….. 

…..w….ait for it

……..4 wait it………………………..

Art therapy

Hot mama

Finally got down more stuff for my story I am writing called, the Expedition of Existence.. there a couple of armor designs as well as the final stage of evolution for the new organisms called, Zalaar Joum.( im terrible for names) and there are sùo (four eyes who has hair), fürtik (huge eyed one), and their mom! (I didn’t finish out the sketch of her and she is the most distorted one)

The first has both biologist, Tenagnae and weapon specialist, Jyoti.
And in the second picture, the human in there is sùo’s girlfriend, Eska.

On another note, the reason why they have quotes around them is the meaning of expressions they wear on themselves that they live by. 

I’ll get more pictures uploaded soon!!! I’ve produced so many ideas, it has taken me a year to come up with the concepts of the story.

holy fuck man

I will keep drawing until I am behind on my school work!!!


Damn I love Nanami

My Dangan Ronpa OC who is known for her pilot skills

she loves open skies and detests small confined spaces

y yeahh  prepare for some Mikasasasha!!